Small forms of resistance

At the beginning of the year, I’m grateful to Pamenar Press magazine for publishing four of my poems: Nova Altamira, Snowballs, Somewhere Nearby the Field Stretches, and Kiss Me.

Head to their website to read them and/or listen to my voice bringing them to life.

Here’s a little taste:

Kiss Me

Feel the world with your tongue,
observe how warm and round it is:

the soft skin,
pulsing flesh,
and untouched interior,
with its dark, sweet flavour.

Like a plum,
pregnant with secrets.

Like the mouth of a river
that poets call the dream of men.

I will destroy it for you, my love.
It is the happy hour of entanglement,
hunger, and thirst. Tides rush in,
algae blooms.

In the seed,
in the sky,
in the socket of the eye,

beauty is the need to place roses
on a grave.