Photo: Simona Nastac

The Dress

Yesterday, when there was still no positive alternative to the ordering of the world and people courageously took a stance by enjoying life, some more than others although we all strive for balance for some cosmic reason and yet disrupt it as often as we can exactly for the same motive with the excuse that we are stardust material after all, I wrote here, on Facebook for those of you who have already forgotten where we are if you knew it in the first place, the following post: “I have a dream project that consists in buying a particular dress which will make me an exquisite public artwork. Can I initiate a crowdfunding campaign to buy it? Sadly, the price is prohibitive for an emerging artist like myself.” The quote is accurate, I double checked, but if you love humanity and don’t trust people, you can verify yourself by going to my activity log on Sunday the 17th of July 2016 at precisely 4:35pm and read it in all its unadulterated glory, although I personally like impurities and all things hybrid. However, the log doesn’t register the event of suspending any other event in order to write the post and it should, really, as social media daily performance of my worth is on the top of my indefinitely expanding CV.

An old friend of mine read the post and challenged me to actually do it, calculating that if out of my 1,285 Facebook friends only 39 would contribute with £10 each, then I’ll be able to buy the dress which costs £390, reduced from £525. And he offered to be the first contributor, which I graciously accepted together with his crazy proposition to take immediate action. Now, as now is all that matters, this is not a friendship test, nor a proper crowdfunding campaign; it is rather a fun game that will transform both your lives and mine! How? You will have less money in your accounts, which is always an incentive for making more and seriously reassessing your values, and I will get the dress and become the promised exquisite public artwork shaking up the status quo with every silky move of my celestial body  (see the above-mentioned stardust) down 14th street. Furthermore, I promise I’ll wear it at all the anti-Brexit protests on Earth. There are no perks here, as I think highly of you, otherwise you’d not be my friends, would you? But there are three rewards, as all good things in life come in three and wisely stop there: 1. the simple joy of making something beautiful possible in this world; 2. my everlasting gratitude, as all things human; and 3. a privileged place in my memory, although privilege is irrational.

To keep it short: the date for achieving the necessary amount of £380 is Thursday 21st of July 2016, as I fear the dress may be gone by then or even sooner. If you wonder what will happen to your money if this will indeed be the case, have no concern, it will no longer be your money by then.

For account details, please send me a private message. For translation, please use Google Translate, it should return something that reads “show me the money” in any language, including Latin. For pictures of the dress, use your imagination, love and trust. Yes, it is that simple: you either believe and there’s no question, or you don’t and there’s no question.

myself (for you, my friends, I could be)