Photo: Chromatique, Adi Bulboacă

Under the Stars / Sub cerul liber
In Context Art Residency & Exhibition, 25 May – 25 June 2018

Artists: Silvia Amancei and Bogdan Armanu, Preethi Athreya, Sanjeev Khandekar and Vaishali Narkar, Sneha Khanwalkar, Shilpa Rangnekar, Lochan Upadhyay
Curator: Simona Nastac

An exhibition reflecting on the human imprint upon the Earth, the systemic interconnectedness that characterizes the Anthropocene, and the relatedness of our present to the deep past and future. The artists took up residency at In Context/Slănic Moldova (Bacău county, Romania) for a month, exploring the local landscape and natural resources, engaging with the community, its history and traditions, and creating new work that inspires us to rethink our ways of being with the world and on Earth.

Full curatorial text, artists’ biographies, photo and video documentation of the one-month residency here.

Press: “Under the Stars” review by Andra Matzal in Scena9 here (Romanian only).

In Context/Slănic Moldova is an artist in residence programme initiated and coordinated by Romanian artist Alina Georgiana Teodorescu in partnership with Slănic Moldova Town Hall and The Friends of Slănic, and co-financed by AFCN.