metaMorph ~ a dot that went for a walk
Point, Bucharest, 19 May 2017

Poets and performers: Christian Bök, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Christian Foley, SJ Fowler, Mugur Grosu, Max Höfler, Maja Jantar, Claudiu Komartin, Tara Skurtu, Răzvan Țupa

“A line is a dot that went for a walk” (Paul Klee) and keeps on going, spiraling, morphing into texts and books, graphics and typography, maps and topography, drawings and moving images, collages/assemblages and objects, music and sound, a line made by walking, a picket line and lines of code.

Inspired by Paul Klee’s quote, metaMorph points to the ongoing synthesis between media initiated by the concrete poetry movement that continues in other art forms today, and relates to what art theorist Rosalind Krauss has called the ‘post-medium condition’, an entwined helix of genres and modes of production that holds unending potential for contemporary creativity.

Moving fluidly between the visual/visible, phonetic/sonic and gestural/performative manifestations of language, the participating poets explored multi-vocality, multilingualism, rhythm, time, narrative and noise, ultimately contributing to the potential of the poetic voice to re-enchant the world.

The event was part of Bucharest International Festival of Poetry 2017, organised by the National Museum of Romanian Literature.

Watch the full video recording of the event here.
Fragments: Christian Bök, LaTasha N. Nevada DiggsMax Höfler, SJ Fowler, Maja Jantar