Apollo 111, Bucharest International Poetry Festival 
18 May 2018

a cosmic encounter with
Poets and artists
: Emma Bennett, Anne-James Chaton, Robert G. Elekes, Eduard Escoffet, Douglas Kearney, Eugene Ostashevsky, Holly Pester, Andra Rotaru, OYIO feat. Paula Dunker, W. Mark Sutherland, Erica Zingano
Presenter: Cosmin Perța | Poster designer: Mugur Grosu
Curator: Simona Nastac

Stephen Hawking’s latest uniVerse theory has been published in the High Energy Physics magazine. The conclusion is inevitable: if cosmic inflation, general relativity and quantum field theory are correct, we live in a MultiVerse and ours is just one of the many existing alternative uniVerses. Initially, Hawking asserted that the uniVerse is like an infinite fractal, a mosaic of radically different pockets from ours: some void, some full of matter, some durable, some ephemeral. But in the last study, Hawking (and Thomas Hertog) argue that these uniVerses do not vary so much from each other, the mystery being why do we live in this special uniVerse, where everything is beautifully balanced for life, complexity and poetry to emerge? MultiVerse is the first step to explaining this mysterious adjustment.

One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind – the first poet on the Moon

Highlights (click on names to see YouTube clips)

Emma Bennett
Anne-James Chaton
Eduard Escoffet + himself
Douglas Kearney + himself
Eugene Ostashevsky
Holly Pester
Andra Rotaru, Robert G Elekes & OYIO feat. Paula Dunker
W. Mark Sutherland
Erica Zingano