Photo: Cristian Alexa

Rain Doesn’t Fall for Nothing
3 – 12 August, Penny School Gallery, Kingston College, London

Artists: HaYoung Kim, Sangjin Kim, Sea Hyun Lee, Sejin Park, Meekyoung Shin
Curator: Simona Nastac

A thousand drops
hanging from a dead branch
The rain did not fall for nothing.
Ko Un

Taking its title from a poem by South Korea’s most cherished poet Ko Un, described by Allen Ginsberg as “a force of nature, a combination of Buddhist cognoscente, passionate political libertarian, and naturalist historian”, the exhibition Rain Doesn’t Fall for Nothing invited the audience to consider pivotal questions about our global impact as a species, whilst reflecting on how today’s world-building processes can be re-imagined by employing non-aggressive, life-affirming values and ways of co-existence derived from Buddhist and Eastern spirituality.

Using different media, acclaimed Korean artists Sangjin Kim, HaYoung Kim, Sea Hyun Lee, Sejin Park and Meekyoung Shin probed and questioned the problems inherent to the Western perception of reality, as well as its representation through their different sensibility and otherness, a valued source of renewal for our understanding of being-with-the-world and being-on-earth.

The exhibition was part of Kingston Welcomes Korea Festival.

Download here the exhibition publication.